30 Looks Good On Me And It’s The Year

I turned 30 back in September. I dreaded that milestone. Why? Because everyone makes such a big deal about it. It’s the official end of your childhood. You’re still allowed to screw up in your 20s because you’re barely an adult and still learning things constantly. Plus 30 just felt so old before I wasContinue reading “30 Looks Good On Me And It’s The Year”

Finally Fitting In With The Moms

I became a mom early in life at 16 and I struggled. I expected to struggle being a high schooler with a baby and everything else that comes with having a baby. My days were spent going to school and going straight home to care for my baby. No more dances, sports games, sleepovers, orContinue reading “Finally Fitting In With The Moms”

Not Right Now

Life gets busy. We are always working, cleaning, cooking, going to school, running errands, or doing something around the house. After all we’re not just adults, but parents too. That means we have double the work. If we aren’t busy, we are trying to relax for a second if our lives allow it. Sometimes thatContinue reading “Not Right Now”

Feeling Like A Failure Lately

Ironic isn’t it? I preach about stopping the self-doubt and how we’re not failures because no one’s perfect and we all have our days. Yet here I am feeling like a failure. Feeling like I’m not living up to the mom I know I can be. Feeling completely depleted and like I have nothing leftContinue reading “Feeling Like A Failure Lately”

Don’t Just Get Over It, Feel Every Bit Of It

Recently my son went through something he asked me not to talk about. Out of respect for him I won’t, but it sparked a conversation with multiple people. Some were saying to get over it and some weren’t. Me being me didn’t agree, but I feel like it’s something important to talk about so let’sContinue reading “Don’t Just Get Over It, Feel Every Bit Of It”