QuaranTea: Distance Learning

Things are going to be a little different on the Sassy Mamaroo homefront for the next little while. I hope you all enjoy and continue to follow me.

Quarantined – We Are In This Together

Do you ever just get so into a song you can’t stop jamming out? That’s me right now as I type this blog. Listening to some In This Moment and head banging. Living the life right? Nope just taking a work break from this insane mess we are in. Covid-19 has shut down towns, states,Continue reading “Quarantined – We Are In This Together”

Forced To Grow Up Too Fast, The Sexual Harassment Situation

I’ve had a hard time writing lately. Because of the coronavirus situation both of my kids are home for who knows how long. It’s completely throwing me off. Adjusting to them home all the time. Learning how to homeschool for the time being. My brain is completely scrambled.

It’s Okay To Breakdown And Cry

The crazy thing about women is how strong they are. I’m not talking having a baby strong, I’m talking the weight of the world on their shoulders strong. They can look you straight in the face and tell you everything is okay while they are on the verge of a complete breakdown because they haveContinue reading “It’s Okay To Breakdown And Cry”

Does Shaving Your Vagina Have Health Or Hygiene Benefits?

Ladies there is so much to learn about our bodies. Sex education in school covered the most basic information possible and our lack of usable need to know knowledge is astonishing. While talking to a friend recently I became curious if shaving or trimming our pubic hair had hygiene or health benefits. I even askedContinue reading “Does Shaving Your Vagina Have Health Or Hygiene Benefits?”