Things We Live By In Our House

Over the years the most valuable lessons my children have learned have come from life itself. Lessons learned because life presented us the opportunity to teach them, to implement them. Rarely has any of them been planned lessons. I think that’s the toughest part of parenting – thinking on your feet and teaching lessons asContinue reading “Things We Live By In Our House”

Quarantined – We Are In This Together

Do you ever just get so into a song you can’t stop jamming out? That’s me right now as I type this blog. Listening to some In This Moment and head banging. Living the life right? Nope just taking a work break from this insane mess we are in. Covid-19 has shut down towns, states,Continue reading “Quarantined – We Are In This Together”

Cherish Your Friendships

This week has been so hard and stressful at our house. The kids are adjusting to being home for who knows how long. They’re adjusting to doing what school work they can online. They’re adjusting to not seeing their friends and having different schedules then the ones they’ve had since September. Me, I’m just tryingContinue reading “Cherish Your Friendships”