I’m Not Sorry I Was Never Good Enough In Your Eyes

There was a time in my life where I wanted nothing more than to make certain people in my life proud of me. I wanted to be good enough they would be proud of me. I wanted them to brag about me and all the things I’ve accomplished. I quickly learned it doesn’t matter whatContinue reading “I’m Not Sorry I Was Never Good Enough In Your Eyes”

You Are Doing What’s Right, Stop Doubting That

As parents we are constantly doing what we think is right in every situation. Are we doing what’s right? Who knows, but we know our children better than anyone. Therefore we know what’s right for our children better than anyone. There will always be outsiders looking in judging your every move because that’s just whatContinue reading “You Are Doing What’s Right, Stop Doubting That”

Finally Fitting In With The Moms

I became a mom early in life at 16 and I struggled. I expected to struggle being a high schooler with a baby and everything else that comes with having a baby. My days were spent going to school and going straight home to care for my baby. No more dances, sports games, sleepovers, orContinue reading “Finally Fitting In With The Moms”

Feeling Like A Failure Lately

Ironic isn’t it? I preach about stopping the self-doubt and how we’re not failures because no one’s perfect and we all have our days. Yet here I am feeling like a failure. Feeling like I’m not living up to the mom I know I can be. Feeling completely depleted and like I have nothing leftContinue reading “Feeling Like A Failure Lately”

Don’t Just Get Over It, Feel Every Bit Of It

Recently my son went through something he asked me not to talk about. Out of respect for him I won’t, but it sparked a conversation with multiple people. Some were saying to get over it and some weren’t. Me being me didn’t agree, but I feel like it’s something important to talk about so let’sContinue reading “Don’t Just Get Over It, Feel Every Bit Of It”

The Constantly Evolving Mama

While talking on the phone with a friend the other day I came to a realization. Our conversation was all over the place as they frequently are with mom friends. We talked about various things in our lives and various things about motherhood. Then the realization hit me. We are constantly evolving as mothers. ObviousContinue reading “The Constantly Evolving Mama”

Reflecting Back On The School Year As It Comes To An End

The school year started like any other year with the kids nervous and anxious to make new friends and meet their teachers. I waited patiently as the kids came home so they could tell me all about it. My son being a teeneger waved me off with a meh and my daughter said her teacherContinue reading “Reflecting Back On The School Year As It Comes To An End”

My House My Rules

As my kids get older, more of their friends are coming over. Whether that’s for a playdate, to stay the night, birthday parties, etc. It’s nice knowing most of them like to come hang out here. For a while our house was the neighborhood hangout. All the kids were always coming over to see ifContinue reading “My House My Rules”

The Best Thing About Quarantine

As far as the quarantine goes, it wasn’t all that bad. I’m pretty much a homebody anyway, so not having to go anywhere was a relief. Sometimes I really, really dread going places. Not a fan of being told I can’t go anywhere though. I’m an adult, I can do what I want, at leastContinue reading “The Best Thing About Quarantine”