New Year New Me, No Thanks

It’s that time of year again. January, the start to a new year. The time when everyone has high hopes for what the new year will bring and they set new year’s resolutions. It won’t take much for this year to surpass the hot mess we call 2020.

Me VS The Mom I thought I’d Be

It’s no secret I never wanted to be a mom. That also meant I hadn’t given any thought to what I would be like as a mom or the type of mom I wanted to be. I am happy to be a mom and as I became one, I began to envision the mom IContinue reading “Me VS The Mom I thought I’d Be”

Keep Going You Got This

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Yesterday while talking to a friend on the phone I was inspired to write this. Many of the struggles people face we don’t see. Going through your day suffering through anxiety, depression, grief, etc. You put a smile on your face and people have no idea what you are going through.Continue reading “Keep Going You Got This”

As A Former Teen Parent I Want You To Know…

Most people already know, but if you’re new here, I was a teen mom. I got pregnant at 15 and had my son at 16. The situation wasn’t ideal, but I did the best I could and I regret nothing. I am who I am because of what I lived through. I remember all theContinue reading “As A Former Teen Parent I Want You To Know…”

2020 Grateful Jar

When you wake up late it puts you in a bad mood. Then you spill your coffee and someone cuts you off on your way to work. Every little thing that happens will pile up and leave you in a bad mood. It’ll make you stressed out. It doesn’t matter what good happens, it’s stillContinue reading “2020 Grateful Jar”

30 Looks Good On Me UPDATE

Back in July I wrote about the 30 crazy goals/things I wanted to accomplish while I was 30. You can read that here. The idea behind it was great and I really wish things had turned out differently, but it’s 2020 and 2020 sure has been a crazy whirlwind.

No Excuses

Yesterday was National No Excuses Day. This got me thinking about excuses and why we use them. Excuses are the little lies we tell as to why we can’t do something. Excuses are what holds us back from living our dreams and getting to where we want to be. They hold us back from soContinue reading “No Excuses”

Celebrating My 100th Blog

Um….so little old me, a nobody from a small town in Oregon wrote her 100th blog on Friday. When I started blogging I had a vision in my head of what it’d be like, but boy was I wrong. I knew someday I’d hit this milestone, but I can’t believe I’m here right now. It’sContinue reading “Celebrating My 100th Blog”

New Me, Who Dis?

Holy 100th blog batman! I can’t believe I managed to write 100 blogs. Time to celebrate!!! Growth is something that happens over time, not overnight. You will spend your whole life growing and changing into the best version of yourself. Sometimes that growth happens without you even noticing.

Not Perfect, Just Human

Social media has made it easy for us to share the parts of our lives we want to and keep the things we don’t to ourselves. That being said, it has caused us to also become envious of the seemingly perfect lives of others. We too want the perfect homes. That perfect outfit. The perfectContinue reading “Not Perfect, Just Human”