New Me, Who Dis?

Holy 100th blog batman! I can’t believe I managed to write 100 blogs. Time to celebrate!!! Growth is something that happens over time, not overnight. You will spend your whole life growing and changing into the best version of yourself. Sometimes that growth happens without you even noticing.

Not Perfect, Just Human

Social media has made it easy for us to share the parts of our lives we want to and keep the things we don’t to ourselves. That being said, it has caused us to also become envious of the seemingly perfect lives of others. We too want the perfect homes. That perfect outfit. The perfectContinue reading “Not Perfect, Just Human”

Cold Dinners And Long Days

There was a time in my life when I didn’t want to be a mom. THe thought wasn’t completely out of my mind, but the life I imagined didn’t involve kids. I wanted to go to beauty school and have my own salon. I pictured my days filled with running my own company and travellingContinue reading “Cold Dinners And Long Days”

Self Improvement

Did you know September is Self Improvement Month? How cool is that. Self improvement is a way for you to better yourself while working on your personal growth. Self improvement looks different for everyone. Sometimes it’s challenging yourself in ways you never thought possible. Sometimes it’s reading self help books and realizing ways you canContinue reading “Self Improvement”

Mommy Needs A Timeout

I was talking on the phone last night with an amazing friend. We haven’t talked for a while so we were catching up on all the happenings in our lives over the last few months. She said something that really got me thinking. I need to put myself in a timeout.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

I’ll be the first to preach to you about putting yourself first. About taking care of yourself. About being okay and surviving through anything life throws at you. I’ll be the first to tell you everything will be okay and that you will be okay. I just want everyone to know there is a lightContinue reading “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”

I’m My Own Worst Critic And My Kids See That

I am my own worst critic. I am the most toxic person to myself. I know that I bring myself down and tear myself down about things. I’m not good at anything. Everything I try to do goes wrong. I should just stop trying to do anything. I know I say these things and doContinue reading “I’m My Own Worst Critic And My Kids See That”

I’m Not Sorry I Was Never Good Enough In Your Eyes

There was a time in my life where I wanted nothing more than to make certain people in my life proud of me. I wanted to be good enough they would be proud of me. I wanted them to brag about me and all the things I’ve accomplished. I quickly learned it doesn’t matter whatContinue reading “I’m Not Sorry I Was Never Good Enough In Your Eyes”

You Are Doing What’s Right, Stop Doubting That

As parents we are constantly doing what we think is right in every situation. Are we doing what’s right? Who knows, but we know our children better than anyone. Therefore we know what’s right for our children better than anyone. There will always be outsiders looking in judging your every move because that’s just whatContinue reading “You Are Doing What’s Right, Stop Doubting That”