Did Ya Miss Me?

Obviously I’ve been away for the better part of the last two months. Popping in from time to time to write a blog or post on our socials. Although it wasn’t 0lanned or intentional, it was much needed. I definitely took on too much in life and I was drowning there for a while.

I’m not even mad about it. The old me would be stressing out and pushing myself to exhaustion to keep up with everything. The new me though, I like her. She understands life gets busy and so much has been going on that priorities have changed for the time being. Although Sassy Mamaroo is a main priority, as of the last two months it wasn’t. Life events have changed things and now that everything is going back to “normal” it will be.

Life is funny like that. We can’t always control what happens to us or how things will affect us. We just simply do the best we can with the hand we are dealt, even if that means less than we feel like we need to be giving. All in all I’m excited to be getting back on track and writing.

Don’t forget new blogs come out every Monday and Friday. Podcasts are out every Wednesday and although I haven’t been posting them here much, I will be. I look forward to sharing everything with all of you and what’s happened since I’ve been gone.

Change Isn’t Always Easy

Change is always happening. The world is constantly changing. You are constantly changing. Your life is constantly changing. Everything is constantly changing. Change can be good or bad. Usually even on the worst days change is for the better, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. But does change come easily? Are you ready for the changes?

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Stop Chasing People

I moved out of my hometown 10 years ago. I didn’t go far, just a town over, a short 15-20 minute drive. I didn’t want to go too far from my family, but my husbands work had plans to move so the drive would be closer for him. When we moved I did my best to keep in touch with everyone. I messaged when I knew I was going to be in town and I messaged when I was in town unexpectedly. When I stopped, the phones were dead. No text messages, no phone calls, nothing. Friendships ended.

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I’m The Bad Guy

For as long as I can remember every story has a good guy and a bad guy. Ariel and Ursula. The 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf. Simba and Scar. Alladin and Jafar. Alice and the queen of hearts. You see what I mean? There was always a bad guy. Today I realized I might be the bad guy.

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Music Sets My Soul On Fire

There’s so many genres of music. You can literally find a song to fit any mood, celebrate any life event, help with your mental health, bring up memories, or just help you get things done. Music just feeds my soul in ways nothing else can and I’m here for it. I’m a music junky. My taste in music is literally all over the place.

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Working Moms Deserve All The Credit

If we’re being honest, all moms deserve all the credit. Moms are constantly being underrated for all that they do. All the cooking, cleaning, everything for the kids, and everything in between. Motherhood is not an easy journey, but for this instance I want to focus on working moms.

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She Doesn’t Remember

Wow life has just been going on full force over here. I’m working full time for the first time in what feels like forever, while also juggling Sassy Mamaroo, a part time job, mom life, and my wifely duties. It feels like there is never enough time in a day to get done what I need and never enough time to sleep. I’m always tired, but we’re adjusting to our new daily lives.

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Wear The Swimsuit

You know that saying “take the picture” where moms basically are asking for their picture to be taken. Always the picture taker, never in the pictures. We just want our picture taken. I don’t care if I’m still in sweats and haven’t showered or look unflattering from that angle. Take that picture, no one else is going too. include me in the trip to the beach or the family vacation or the birthday party. Yeah this is kind of like that.

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Cancelled Plans

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a homebody. I love just chilling at home doing my own thing. Don’t get me wrong I love going out and doing things too. If my choices ever are to do something or stay home, 80% of the time I will choose to stay home. Home is my favorite place to be – no societal pressure, no judgement, no pretending to enjoy myself, no spending money.

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Being Super Mom Is Exhausting

Work. Taking kids to and from school. Field trips. Volunteering. Cooking. Cleaning. Grocery shopping. Laundry. Helping with homework. Last minute project supply runs. Dentist appointments. Doctor appointments. Orthodontist appointments. Emergency room visits. Late nights. Early mornings. Cleaning up after sick kids. Sports events and practices. Packing lunches. Trips to the park. Moms really do it all, they are superheroes.

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