Things That Make Me Feel Like A Badass

Do you ever have those days were you feel like a total badass? Like something just reaches your soul on a different level and makes you feel unstoppable. Like you could conquer the world. It sends your confidence through the roof. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that bring out a whole new you.


When I had decided to write this I reached out to a few friends. I wanted to know what it was for them that made them feel like a total badass. I know for everyone it would be different. I also knew there had to be some things I was missing from my list. Maybe you can relate, maybe you can’t. For some of these things it definitely depends on how my mental health has been. When it hasn’t been great, the little things really make an impact.

Things that just hit different sometimes and make me feel like a total badass:

  • Coffee. Not just your average cup of coffee, but the coffee on days where it just does something different to you. It can be the same coffee you drink everyday, but that day it hits different. It makes you motivated, determined, confident, ambitious. It makes you feel like you can conquer the world and anything life throws at you. That cup of coffee.
  • Nails. Oh how I love getting my nails done. I actually don’t do it that often and I’m not just talking about fake nails, I’m talking about all nails – fake, painted, you name it. It just brings out a side in you you never knew existed. New me, who dis?! Ha! It makes you feel amazing and that confidence boost is unlike any other.
  • Makeup. This one is a big one for me. You know when you are doing your makeup just like you would any other day and suddenly you are looking in the mirror thinking who’s this queen staring back at me? Oh right that’s me. The confidence boost. The self love. The realization of your true beauty. That’s what makes it all worth it.
  • A clean house. Not just any time you clean the house. No I’m talking about the times when you haven’t had time to clean, your mental health has been rocky, or when the house work has just felt like too much to keep up with. The times after that when you get to work and clean the house. There’s a moment after when you sit down or just look around and everything just seems so peaceful. You feel at peace, less stressed, accomplished. You feel like a badass for tackling all the things that taunted you for so long.
  • Laundry. Not just laundry in general, although that’s quite the task and accomplishment all within itself. No, I’m talking about the days when you manage to wash, dry, fold, and put away all in one day. Nothing beats that feeling. Nothing makes you feel unstoppable quite like that accomplishment. The confidence that radiates after. You feel like such a boss and like you can literally conquer anything.
  • Staying hydrated. This one I fully credit my fluctuating mental health for. Being hydrated or staying hydrated has always been a struggle for me. I’m not a big fan of water, but I’m trying. The feeling when you drink enough water and not just enough water, but for multiple days. You feel so good, your skin seems healthier, you feel like a total rock star. The type of hydrated you flex about. Ha. The feeling is unreal.
  • New appliances. Something about new appliances – washer, dryer, dishwasher, fridge, vacuum, etc. just does something to you. It brings out a whole new you that you didn’t know existed. You can’t wait to use that new appliance and you feel like a real boss afterwards. Whenever I get a new vacuum I will vacuum multiple times a day. Not because it’s fun, but because vacuums and I have issues (they never even last a year), so it feels so great to get a new one. Adulthood is definitely on another level with weird excitements.

I seriously feel like I could go on and on about the small things that make me feel like a total badass. It’s not everyday, but rather on those days where you just needed that little boost. These are my top things. Close to the top are also new blankets (especially fluffy ones), new candles (especially holiday ones), and rearranging the furniture in my house. Let me know what makes you feel like a badass in the comments. I’d love to hear them.

Published by Ky

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