Why Is Clothes Shopping So Hard?

I’ve talked about my love-hate relationship with clothes shopping before on our podcast. This is honestly something that has always bugged me. Why? Because I don’t understand why it has to be so hard when it really shouldn’t be. Something so simple as shopping for clothes shouldn’t be as hard as it is. I’m not the only one, shopping for my kids has seemed to be worse lately too.


Listen, I love clothes. I love all the styles, different outfits pieces can make, and all that. I’m not very fashionable myself as I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. I’d live in a hoodie if I could. But I love clothes. What I hate is how hard it is to find something that looks good, fits good, and is something I actually like. Who is out here deciding all these trends? Can we get full shirts, pockets that actually hold stuff, and regular jeans please? I love a good crop top and skinny jeans, but they’re not for me. Give us more options please.

Yesterday we took my kids clothes shopping. A seemingly easy task right? Wrong! It went a little something like this…..My son went into a store and picked out 2 pairs of pants. No trying them on. Just picked up 2 pairs he liked and out the door they went. They fit him perfectly. We went into another store where he picked out 2 shirts and a hoodie. No trying those on either. They too fit him perfectly. In and out so easy.


My daughter on the other hand….We went to so many stores I lost count. The first store we managed to get a few things. The next store nothing. Same with the next. We were able to get a few things here and there from different stores, but most of them we came out empty handed. The stores either had a very small section in her size or they were wiped out. She’s at the size she could move on to the juniors section. We tried that, but all the jeans were high waisted, skinny, or the shirts were crop top. It was hell, honestly hell.

We ran into a lot of the same issues many women face. Every brands sizes run different. Like if you get a size 3, 4, ect. in one brand, that doesn’t mean that same size in another brand will fit. Same with shirts. A size small or medium in one brand may fit perfect, but that same size might not fit in another brand. And what’s with shirts getting wider, but not longer when you go up a size? So many shirts got wider as we went up in a size, but they didn’t get longer. We just needed longer. I could honestly go on for days with things like this in clothing that make it next to impossible to know your size or go shopping.


Did you see what happened when I took my kids shopping? How easy it was for my son to just walk into a store and pick out something he liked and walk right back out. Why as women don’t we get that luxury? We are we constantly having to try on clothes or question our size because one brand is telling us we’re this size while another is telling us we’re not. Can we just have the basic necessities with our clothes? All bodies are built different we all know that, but it’s not any easier clothes shopping unless you’re a man. How can we fix this? How can we make shopping easier and more convenient for everyone? We need a change.

It’s not just about finding clothes that fit. It’s also about finding something you like. Something you feel good in. Trends are not for everyone. So why is it when a trend pops up we’re all suppose to follow it? Not everyone wants high waisted jeans, skinny jeans, or crop tops. Clothing companies, designers, whatever need to do better, be better. We just want pockets that hold stuff, same sizing, and clothes we like and feel good in. Is that too much to ask for?


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