A Look Back At 2020

We did it. We survived. We made it through what some are calling the worst year. We survived a pandemic and everything else this year has brought. Was it really the worst though? Everything out of our control aside, was what you could control the worst? This year was different for all of us because we were all affected differently, but as for me, it wasn’t the worst.


2020 was definitely a year unlike any other. We were told in March that the kids would have an extended Spring Break due to rising Covid numbers. That quickly turned into the remainder of the year and this year so far. We were left navigating distance learning and all that comes with that. I lost my job, then my husband was furloughed before losing his. Then 2 of our cars broke down. Supplies in stores were running low or completely sold out. It was one thing after another piling up. My husband was super stressed out, I on the other hand couldn’t stop laughing. Not that the situation was funny or anything, but that everything went downhill so quickly and it wasn’t my worst year. I knew we’d be okay. We had each other and we’d survived worse.

As things slowly got better we reclaimed 2020. Sure things had been rough and started off bad, but it didn’t have to finish that way. Our stimulus finally came in May which covered all our bills. My husband got a job offer and went back to work. School started and we found out we’d be distance learning again this year, that was a bummer, but we already knew what we were doing and had high hopes it would go well. It has so far. In September our taxes came in. We got both of our cars fixed and were able to stash some money in savings in case things got again. Our year was looking up.


As for my Sassy Mamaroo journey, it had it’s bumps too. Facebook decided to block my website. No violations, no explanation, nothing. And since they own Instagram, it’s blocked there too. Just a small hurdle in the way to greatness. It forced me to work even harder and since I’m home with my kids now I have more time to do all the things I intend to do with this. I have found temporary solutions around it, but not gotten it fixed yet. They won’t respond to me. Despite that, things are better than ever. We’ve grown and are just beginning our journey. We added a podcast in September and haven’t looked back. Despite the hurdles in the way, we are persevering, staying positive, and looking on the bright side.

This year has taught me so much about myself. I’ve learned my faults. Areas I need to improve in. Ways I can be a better mom. I’ve learned patience. I’m a patient person, but my patience is thin, but growing everyday. I’ve learned to take breaks and put myself first. Just because I’m stuck at home doesn’t mean I’m not busy. I feel like I’ve done more and accomplished more this year than any other year despite everything we’ve been through. I’ve learned I can stop stressing about what I can’t control and to take control of the things I can. I’ve learned to take the bad days with a grain of salt because there’s always a good day right around the corner. I’ve grown, learned a lot, and am becoming someone I can be proud of more than I ever have.


I learned a lot about my kids too. I learned my son likes to play video games because he has a lot of anxiety like me. It’s his escape from reality. A moment to not deal, think, or dwell on whatever is causing him anxiety. Video games are also his way to make friends in a time where he can’t hang out with friends and social distancing needs to be done. I learned he isn’t into art as much as he use to be and anime is his favorite thing to watch. I’ve learned he does so much better distance learning than he does in person learning. He has the best grades right now than he ever has. I learned my daughter needs to be around people. She’s the girl that was once called a social butterfly and I was told she talks to much in school. I learned that without the interaction of friends, she has gone into a shell. She is quiet and almost scared to speak to anyone, including me. I learned she loves art and wants to be able to draw and paint. I learned she is a rockstar at Fortnite because she like her brother has turned to video games to make friends. I learned that not only does she like to bake, but she loves to cook too.

When 2020 started, no one thought it would turn out like this. You can dwell on all the negatives it had to offer or you can choose to see the good. This year sucked, I think we can all agree on that, but was it really a bad year? It couldn’t have all been bad. There was good in there somewhere. Accomplishments made. All the things you achieved. All the big victories and small victories. All the growth, self improvement, and learning you did. This year tested us all in many different ways, but we’re all better for it.

Published by Ky

I'm a mom of 2 beautiful kiddos. I love to write and was inspired by a close friend to interview moms and share the good, the bad, and the ugly of motherhood. Email us to share your good, bad, sad, inspiring, or funny story. You may just be featured on our blog and Facebook page.

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