Summer Days Are Flying By

This summer has been unlike any other. With the pandemic looming over us, this summer hasn’t really felt like summer. I’d like to say we didn’t let it slow us down, but it definitely has. Other than a few partially successful day trips with some places we intended to visit closed and swimming, we haven’t really done much. Last year we travelled a bit, but were unable to do that this year. Summer hasn’t really felt much like summer so we decided to go camping. Finish off summer with one last fun thing.


Of course with the pandemic and it being summer camping seems to be the go to thing. Finding a camping spot wasn’t easy or finding a spot that wasn’t already reserved. My mom has wanted to go camping all summer and of course I jumped at the chance. I haven’t gone camping in years and I thought it would be nice to get out of the house for a bit and escape from all the electronics for a bit. Here’s how it went.

Our campsite.

DAY 1: Our first day at camp was spent unloading the cars. We had a surprising amount of stuff for 3 adults, 2 kids, and 2 dogs. We quickly got to work setting up our camp and tents. It was 94 out that afternoon and by the time we finished setting up both tents, a camp table, and finding out the air mattress was popped, we were a hot sweaty mess. We had to come to town for a new air mattress and we decided to grab dinner too. We were over it already and just wanted to go to bed. We brought our 2 small dogs with, one of which has never went camping and the other is an anxious mess. They barked at everyone and it was a disaster.

Tent life.

DAY 2: The second day we woke up and relaxed by the fire while we enjoyed our coffee. Mom made bacon and eggs with sweet peppers and onions. It was so good. After we went on a hike and found some bike trails in the woods. We walked about 2 miles and stopped by the water to check it out and let the dogs get a drink. It was so pretty, but the water was so cold. Then my sister and her kids came by for a bit to hang out. We made another trip to town for forgotten flashlights and to grab bikes and scooters for the kids. After barbequing some burgers and brats for dinner we took another walk so the kids could ride on the bike trails. That night we enjoyed s’mores by the fire before heading to our tents for the night.

Bike trails in the woods.

DAY 3: I was awoken on the third day at 6AM by my daughter because she had to go to the bathroom. We couldn’t go to sleep after so we started a fire. I know how to start a fire, but never had to until then, so that was a first for me. One of our dogs Grace tried to chase a squirrel and almost tipped me out of my chair because she was tied to it. Luckily it took off up a tree. We took another hike that day while the kids played at the bike trails. My mom and I took the dogs down to the river where we got a little lost off the trail and had to walk a little ways in the water. It was a disaster as the dogs freaked out and panicked. Back at the bike trails my son broke his bike and my daughter fell 3 times. After lunch we went down to the water to play for a bit where the water was still extremely cold. Like it hurts in your bones cold. Then of course we finished off our night with s’mores by the fire.

Making s’mores.

Day 4: Our last day we woke up and relaxed by the fire for a bit before I took my daughter and dogs home. After arriving back it was time to get busy tearing down our camp. Taking down the tents was easier than putting them up. Cramming them back into the bags they came in, not so much. After tearing everything down and packing it back into the cars it was time to head home. Bittersweet moment leaving because we really wanted to stay. We will be back though.

Our dog Smalls cooling off in the water.

Sound like a pretty successful camping trip right? It was, but here’s what I left out. The dogs were a pain in the butt barking at everyone that walked by or any dog they saw. The kids were fighting almost constantly. My daughter kept getting her hair caught in a zipper on the tent. I would do it again a hundred times over. Memories were made the last couple days that won’t be forgotten. We came home covered in bruises, scratches, dirty, and smelling like campfire, but it was so worth it. No disaster would have ruined our camping trip or the memories we made.

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