The Birthday Party That Made Me Rethink Birthday Parties

I’m big on birthday parties I love the decorating, having my kids get their special day where it’s all about them, having their friends over, and getting our family together to celebrate. It brings me so much happiness watching them be happy. They deserve a day that’s all about them. My husband on the other hand isn’t big on birthday parties. If he had it his way it would just be us, the kids, and cupcakes. No decorations, nothing. We come from different worlds. since we disagree on birthday parties so much we compromised. a few years ago we decided that from 10 years old and up we wouldn’t have birthdays anymore. I hated it because they are only little for so long and have their whole adult lives to not have birthday parties. It was a compromise though and he still had to “suffer” nine birthday parties per kid.


This year I went back on my word. I know I said no birthday parties after 10 years old, but our baby boy turned 14 and he deserved a party. Next year he’ll be in high school, probably hate us because we are ’embarrassing,’ and not want us to throw a birthday party. I told my son to invite a few friends over to stay the night. We planned to have a few friends over for pizza, cupcakes, snacks, and movies. A nice laid back birthday with a few of his closest friends. He had a few friends he wanted to invite that wouldn’t be able to stay and I said that was fine. When it came time to do invitations we filled out 4. Not bad right? A nice relaxing night of fun. Before we knew it 9 kids were invited and a 10th the day before the party. I still thought ‘I got this.’ How hard could a group of teenagers (13/14/15) be? You guys! I was so not prepared for anything that was about to go down at this birthday party. Our nice relaxing night of fun turned into a wild free for all.

The cupcakes my mom made.

The day of the party came. I ran around cleaning everything while my kids went with my mom to get haircuts. When I was finished I picked them up from her along with the cupcakes she made for the party. German chocolate with coconut frosting adorned with little skateboarders. On the way home we stopped to pick up one of my sons friends that needed a ride to the party. When we arrived home it was time to start decorating. I started hanging a Happy Birthday banner with streamers and balloons. My son wanted to decorate, so I let him. He put streamers on the piano, microwave, chandelier, handles of the fridge, basically anywhere he wanted. It looked like a 5 year old decorated. It was horrible, but awesome at the same time because he’s never decorated with me before. Who cares what it looks like, it was done. It was now 30 minutes away from party time. My son and his friend walked a few blocks down to pick up another friend.


The kids started showing up one by one. Everything was good. They were chatting, putting their bags away, and having a good time. Pretty soon all 7 kids (9 if you count mine) that had confirmed they were coming were here. Everything was still good. They were getting a little loud, but they were all respectful. All of a sudden pizza was mentioned and a riot broke out. They started chanting PIZZA and honestly I was scared. Yep me a grown as adult was scared of these 9 kids aged 8-15 that were rioting over pizza. I told my husband he needed to go get pizza. When my husband got back it was a wild free for all. Literally everyone for themselves. It was like none of these kids had ever ate before. We quickly took a pizza and hid it in our bedroom so there would be some left for us to eat. Like wild animals they quickly devoured 5 pizzas in about 20 minutes.

My son in the sweater his friend bought him.

After the pizza was gone they were clearly bored and they began stealing each others phones and running away. They were running down the hallway, around the living room, through the kitchen, in and out of bedrooms. They did not care who got hurt or what was ruined in the process, they were getting their phones back at all costs. They calmed down when I asked them to and remained respectful. Soon they had found the balloons I tried to hide. Now I don’t know if you know what happens when you give a balloon to teenagers, but they beat the snot out of each other with them. My husband wanted no part of their loudness and hid in our bedroom in the back of the house for most of the party. So here I am the only adult a mere 5 foot 4 with half the kids towering over me and the other half just a few inches shorter trying to control the chaos and make sure nothing or no one gets broken. It was a mess.

The cake my mom made.

My mom had brought over an amazing skateboard cake she made for my son earlier in the evening. The kids had been running wild for 2 1/2 hours now. I was hoping some would be leaving soon and things would settle down, so we decided to sing Happy Birthday. My son tried so hard to get us to not sing, but it’s not a birthday without singing right? As soon as we finished singing one of the kids popped a balloon scaring everyone, especially me who was recording. Giving the kids cake and cupcakes was a big mistake. It was like adding fuel to the fire. Soon wrestling began. There was a constant wrestling match going on for an hour. The house was so loud you couldn’t even hear yourself think. And the smell. You guys my house will never be cleansed of the sweaty smell of 9 kids, 8 of which were teenagers. I opened a window to air out the house, but was worried the neighbors would call the cops from the sounds these kids were making. At one point I tried to get a group picture before anyone left. Having a teenager myself I should have known better than to try to get a picture of all of them. About 35 terrible, blurry, or still wrestling pictures later we had one good one. A few games of Twister were played and before we knew it a few kids were heading home.

Happy Birthday and the balloon pop.

As a few of the kids headed home I was hoping the kids would settle down and I don’t know watch a movie or something. I was exhausted, done with the loudness, and so ready to be done supervising these kids. That didn’t happen. At one point they were climbing on each others shoulders and having chicken fights. Playing leap frog and jumping over each other as they were standing up. They even climbed on each other to build a pyramid. The wrestling, screaming, jumping, everything didn’t settle down until 9pm that night. A very long 5 hours after the party had started. The 6 boys that were left finally settled down to watch a movie and have snacks. The 3 bags of chips they opened lasted a whole 15 minutes as if they hadn’t just finished off 5 pizzas only a few hours ago. The movie they decided to watch was A Quiet Place. After it was over one of the boys said he wasn’t feeling good and he lives a few houses down, so I let them walk him home. My husband decided to turn off the porch light and hide in the bushes to scare them. It was all caught on our security cameras. All 5 teenage boys screaming their heads off.

Scare cam. HAHA!

The next morning my husband headed to the store for doughnuts, as if these kids needed anymore sugar, but it was quick and easy. He stupidly bought 15 doughnuts. You can’t do that with teenage boys. They take it as a personal challenge to eat them all. Sure enough that’s what happened. The 5 boys ate all 15 doughnuts. The house itself was destroyed despite my best efforts to clean up after everyone the night before. It looked like we threw a damn frat party. There were popped balloon pieces and chip scraps scattered all over the floor. Red solo cups, paper plates, and forks covered the kitchen table and coffee table. Pizza boxes and doughnut boxes left ransacked on the table and counter. There was even chunks of cake with bites taken out of them and put back. It was a hot mess, but the perfect sign of a good birthday party and all the fun that was had.

The aftermath in my kitchen.
The aftermath on the table.

I don’t know what I expected the birthday party to be like, but that was not it. It got out of hand with how wild and loud the kids were, but the whole time they remained respectful. Nothing was broken and no one got hurt, sort of. We finished the party with 1 fat lip, 2 bloody noses, 2 headaches (1 that required medicine), and 1 head to the balls. No one was seriously hurt and from what I witnessed, they were lucky no one was. Overall it was a good time. What did I learn from this? Teenagers in groups cannot be tamed. They don’t sit still. An authoritative voice is very powerful at quieting a room full of teenagers. I have a newfound respect for anyone that works with teenagers in groups. Would I do it all over again? Absolutely not, although my mom disagrees. Teenagers are wild and they need to be anywhere except cooped up in a house. Not something I want to do again. My mom is right though, I probably will. The happiness of my son made it all worth it.

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