Mondays Are For Self Care

I’m a busy mama. For the most part I like to keep it that way. Always running around cleaning or cooking. Always going to appointments or volunteering at the school. Always working or helping a friend with childcare. Always helping family or planning the weeks content. Whatever it is I’m doing, it keeps me busy and often doesn’t leave much time for me. It’s never been a big deal until a few months ago when I realized I’m last on my priority list. I’m constantly running on empty because I wasn’t making time for me. I can’t keep up with everything I do if I don’t make myself my top priority. Now I am my top priority.


Everyone has their own idea of what self care means, but I define it as the act of caring for yourself to protect your own health and happiness. Basically self care is whatever makes you happy and benefits your health. It can literally be anything you want or need it to be and there’s no wrong way to do it. Relax and read a book. Binge watch your favorite show. Put on a face mask. Take a bubble bath. Sit down and enjoy a glass of wine. Do whatever you feel like doing. Do whatever makes you happy. The idea of self care, what it means to you, and what it looks like are completely endless. You can even Google self care for ideas. Just do whatever relaxes you, de-stresses you, and makes you happy.

Some of the products I use for my self care routine.

Monday is my dedicated self care day. Of course I do self care throughout the week, but Monday is my big never miss self care day. Why Monday? Well because it is the only day I rarely have anything to do. It’s my dedicated day off. No appointments. No volunteering. No working. Just me by myself to do as I please. I have 3 paying jobs I work from home so I’m lucky enough to have a flexible schedule. Plus with 2 kids finding time for self care can be hard. Luck for me they are both in school now so Monday just happened to work as the best day. I avoid doing anything productive as much as possible and give as much of the day as possible for myself. I used to hate Mondays because they were the start of the work week and that meant the weekend was over. Not anymore. Mondays excite me because Mondays are me days.


Mondays start off by getting up early, packing lunches, and taking my kids to school, stopping along the way to treat myself to a coffee. When I get home I relax and enjoy my coffee. Usually I binge watch my recorded shows from the week before. No interruptions, no subtitles needed, just me and my shows. After a while I’ll head to the bathroom to wash and shave my face. You can learn about why and how I shave my face here. Now it’s time to shower. In the shower I shave and use a sugar scrub to exfoliate my entire body. After getting out of the shower I apply lotion to my entire body to keep it moisturized and apply a peeling charcoal mask to my face. The charcoal mask usually takes a while to dry, so while it dries I get to sit down and actually read a book. This parts my favorite because I love reading and don’t get to while the kids are home. The charcoal mask helps clear my pores and blackheads and it’s oddly satisfying to peel off. By the time I’m done, it’s time to pick up my kids and get right into full mom mode.


That’s my self care routine. That’s my big day to rest, de-stress, restart my mind, and improve my mental health. Of course I also do other self care things throughout the week, but Monday is my big take care of myself and my skin self care day. Mondays leave me rested, relaxed, and recharged to get back to my crazy busy life on Tuesday. If you don’t have a self care routine, get one. You need to rest and recharge to be the best you you can be. Whatever your self care routine looks like, make sure to take the time to implement it. You can’t take care of others if you’re not first taking care of yourself. Remember, you are your most important priority.

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