School Spirit Week – Love It Or Hate It

School spirit week, a time for kids to have fun dressing up as their favorite character, do crazy hair, dress themselves for mismatched day, and show off their creative personalities. School spirit week is also hell week for some parents who have strong willed kids dead set on a certain costume or look you have nothing for. You’re stuck searching the internet for anything you may have to use and then going to the store defeated when you have nothing. Not to mention staying up late to finish the costume or getting up early to perfect the crazy hair. Love it or hate it, you will be participating in at least one school spirit week throughout your parenthood journey.

80’s day

School spirit week for those that don’t know is when schools host a week of fun dress up days for certain occasions such as Read Across America, Homecoming, etc. Homecoming pertains to high school, but this blog will focus more on elementary school spirit week. Schools choose dress up days for 5 days one week for kids and staff to dress up. Dress up days can include, your favorite book character, favorite movie character, tourist day, school spirit wear, crazy hair day, festive holiday wear, fun hat day, and so many more. The possibilities are endless. When our school does spirit week, we get a flyer sent home the week before. I’m assuming to parents can mentally prepare. HA! I used to hang them on the fridge so I wouldn’t forget, but boy did I learn real quick not to do that. My daughter would always see it Monday morning 5 minutes before we were suppose to leave and request the craziest hair or costume.


I have an unusual love-hate relationship with school spirit week. I remember dressing up multiple times throughout my years in school. I loved it. Getting to get creative with whatever I had at home or what I could convince my mom to get. It was fun then. as a parent, not so much. I get super excited for some of the days because I have an awesome idea and we have all the stuff. Those are usually the days the kids fight me on dressing up. But the days we have nothing for, those are the days the kids are most excited for. I cringe now when that dreaded flyer comes home. It’s too much pressure coming up with some costume or outfit idea that half the school isn’t also going to be wearing. And stay away from Pinterest. That’ll just make you feel even worse. The love-hate relationship with school spirit week runs deep in that I love the idea and why schools do it, but I hate being a parent of a kid that is suppose to participate.

Crazy sock day

Don’t get me wrong, school spirit week is awesome. It lets the kids get out of normal clothes and get creative with outfits and costumes. It lets them have fun and celebrate if there is a reason behind it. School spirit week is great and I applaud schools for coming up with ideas, hosting them, and the staff participation. I however, as a parent am not always the biggest fan and I know many other parents aren’t either. Whether you love it or hate it, cringe at the sight of the flyer, or go all in with costumes, school spirit week is here to stay. In fact, one will probably be coming to a school near you very soon, so get ready. HAHA!

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