Relearning To Love Me

Do you ever have one of those days where your hair doesn’t do what you want it to or your makeup doesn’t work out how you want? Yeah me too. Suddenly I hate everything about myself. Look at you standing there trying to be pretty when you’re not. Everything I’ve ever hated about myself becomes the forefront of what I see. All because my hair or makeup doesn’t go how it was suppose to. Why does this happen? I don’t know. It takes a bad moment and creates a bad day.


Things I had no knowledge of or no hate towards about myself become things I hated all because people commented on them. Your nose is too big. Your teeth aren’t white enough. You have acne and terrible skin. You don’t have enough curves. Your lips are too thin. Your eyelashes aren’t full enough. Your hair is too long. Your breasts are too small. You have no butt. You are too thin. These were all things I never thought about. Things I never noticed or hated about myself, but I allowed those comments to embed themselves into my brain. I allowed myself to hate all those things about me because other people did too.

Self love is the greatest middle finger of all time.


Over the years my thinking changed. I hated so much about myself. My skin. My acne. My teeth. My nose. My curves. My butt. My eyelashes. My lips. My hair. My thinness. My breasts. I hated myself for being me. The more I looked into the mirror, the more I hated me. I wanted nothing more than to look like anyone else but me. I didn’t have tens of thousands laying around to change me. To get a new nose. Fix and whiten my teeth. Get implants. Shape my body to be more ‘feminine’. The truth was, I didn’t hate me. I allowed others comments to lead me to hating me. They didn’t have to like me, but I do. Things needed to change.


After years and years and years of working to rewire my thinking, I finally loved me. I loved my lips. I loved my teeth. I loved my curves. I loved my butt and breasts. I loved my thinness. I loved my skin. I loved me because I chose to look in the mirror everyday and say why I loved those things others hated. Even on the bad days, things were good. I was confident. And do you know what happened? I was called cocky and conceited. I was told I wasn’t all that and I should know my ‘place’. All because I loved myself and was confidently me. Hating myself was okay to society, but loving myself wasn’t? It didn’t change things. I still loved me. I refused to be broken down again.


Why did I share this? Because you deserve to love yourself. You deserve to not let others opinions of you change the way you feel about yourself. You deserve to love everything that makes you who you are. What others dislike about you should be what you love most about yourself. No one else has your teeth, nose, breasts, butt, body, skin, and that is your power. Other people’s opinions don’t matter because they don’t have to love you, but you have to love you. You are you and that’s what makes you unique. That’s what makes you stand out in a crowd. You are a beautiful, confident, powerhouse of a woman and no one should be allowed to take that from you. Love yourself in all your imperfect uniqueness that makes you you.

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