Stop Apologizing For Your Messy House

As if being a mom wasn’t crazy enough with sports, appointments, school, and work schedules, we are expected to have a spotless house too. And when your home isn’t completely dust, toy, or animal hair free, what do we do? We apologize. How ridiculous is that? Sorry about the mess or don’t mind the mess or some other saying because the dishes aren’t washed from lunch or the laundry lays unfolded on the couch for the third day.


Are you guilty of apologizing for the mess the second someone enters your home? I know I am. As if your less than perfect home means you are an unorganized, dirty hot mess. Why do we do that? Is it because we are afraid of being judged for our less than perfect home? All over the internet you will find beautiful perfect spotless homes. The envy sets in. We all want that beautiful perfect spotless home.

The laundry that lays partially folded for the last 4 days.

What happens when we apologize for the mess in our home? It makes people feel bad. They see our homes and question what you would think if you came to their home. It makes people feel less welcome. As if your immediate apology upon their entry into your home is to let them know you don’t want them there because you are embarassed of the mess. It draws attention to the mess. The fact that you apologized and brought up the mess just made it noticeable. Now they are looking around for the mess you mentioned.


It’s 2020. It’s time to stop apologizing for your messy home. We are all moms. We get it. Life gets busy with appointments, school, work, and sports. We know you are doing the best you can with what time you have. If you can spend the day cleaning your home from top to bottom, congratulations. Not all of us have time to completely clean our homes everyday. Most days just the basics get done. You know the basics of the main living areas so it appears or feels clean. We all have clutter, days that are so busy we literally don’t have time, and days where it just all feels overwhelming. It’s okay to not clean everyday and not feel sorry about it.


This is the year we stop apologizing for our messy homes because they don’t fit into the perfect category. Your friends and family know who you are and how you are. They don’t care what your house looks like, they will love you anyway. They will still come over. You have children. They are messy and life is messy. You live in your home and it should always reflect that no matter what that may look like. So stop apologizing for your messy home and welcome your guests to enjoy it’s messy, unorganized, cluttered awesomeness.

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