Our First Broken Bone

Children are resilient. They climb on tables, trees, play equipment, you name it and at one point or another they have tried to climb it. It’s like they are completely fearless or have no knowledge of the dangers. That’s hard to watch as a parent. It’s downright terrifying to turn around and see your child climbing on something. It doesn’t even matter how many times you tell them not to, they’ll climb it. Then if they fall the inevitable happens – screaming, crying, possible blood, and a trip to the doctor if it’s really bad.


It was an average day at home. We were all just hanging out playing video games, watching TV, just relaxing. My husband decided to go outside to the freezer and take a turkey out to thaw. My precious daughter who was 4 at the time decided she wanted to help. She went out with my husband and started to grab the turkey from him. He still had ahold of the handles to make sure it didn’t get dropped. Suddenly *BOOM* the turkey falls on my daughters foot. She starts screaming and he starts screaming, “F**K, babe come get her now!” I took off running down the hallway to the garage, scooped her up, and carried her to the couch. My husband is very stoic, but I could tell by his face that something bad happened. As I looked over my daughter for blood, cuts, any sign of injury I asked what happened. “The turkey fell on her foot and obliterated it. I just know there’s nothing left of her toe.” I slowly pulled her sock off and her toe was purple. I immediately threw her in the car and headed to urgent care.

Her toe the day after visiting Urgent Care.

As it turns out, the net bag around the turkey had ripped along the bottom and we didn’t know. As my daughter grabbed it, the turkey ripped completely out. When we arrived at urgent care we got checked in and went back. The nurse of course was a little rude as it was later in the evening and close to closing time. Regardless of their eye rolling, my mom instinct told me her toe was broken. You can’t ignore that mom instinct. I knew they couldn’t do much for a broken toe, but knowing helps me take care of her and helps her heal properly. They took x-rays and sure enough it was broken. We left with a booted foot and a referral to a bone specialist.

Her new child’s boot fitted for the perfect fit.

The next day we got the call that the insurance approved a boot for her. Urgent care didn’t have one for children, so the one she had was too big and made walking hard. We made some calls and found a place that had childrens sizes. We drove the 45 minutes to get it and they were amazing. They made sure she had the proper size and it was comfortable for her. A few days later we were off to the bone specialist for more x-rays. She had broken her big toe in a Y shape that extended down to her growth plate. They said booting her was our best option as children don’t slow down for broken bones. She was sentenced to 6 weeks in the boot then we go back for new x-rays. She didn’t mind the boot. She could run and play, go to school, and even ride her bike still. I was begging her to slow down, but that wasn’t happening. She didn’t let the boot stop her.

Her boot decorated before we added the jewels.

Her boot was cute. it had a little whale on the side with some clouds and stuff. Since she had to wear it for 6 weeks, I told her we could decorate it. We got some paint and painted the whale and clouds. Then we added some jewels and made it hers. She was so excited to show everyone. When her 6 weeks were up, we went back in for new x-rays. The doctor said her toe had healed nicely and we left the office bootless. She was so excited to be wearing 2 shoes. They told us to keep an eye on it since it broke to the growth plate there was a small chance growth could be stunted or it could grow crooked. It’s been almost 4 years now and it’s growing just fine. I’ll be honest, I laugh telling the story. It’s funny, not that she broke her toe, but the story itself of how it happened – broken by a frozen turkey.

Leaving the bone specialist bootless and wearing shoes.

I always thought my son would be the one to break a bone. He was and always has been the little careless daredevil climbing things or jumping off things. You never know how you’ll react either until it happens. I followed my instinct and took my daughter in, I don’t regret it and never will. One thing I learned from this is children are resilient. They don’t let anything slow them down one bit and they heal so quickly. In life you’ll always do everything you can to protect your children, but accidents happen. As for my daughter, to this day she hates turkeys and refuses to eat it.

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