No Resolutions For Me, Thanks

January 1st is a fun time isn’t it? A brand new year is just beginning and with that a brand new you. That is of course if you stick to those resolutions you made. I always found it ironic people chose January 1st after staying up late to ring in the New Year to start their resolutions. Really Janet, you’re going to get up all hungover and start going to the gym? Doubt it. To each their own I suppose.


A new year brings a new you if you’re into that sort of thing. Wanting to be a new, better version of yourself is awesome and I applaud you for that. With the ‘new you’ comes all the changes you want to make, hence the New Year’s Resolution was born. New Year’s Resolutions can be anything to better yourself, your life, your health, etc. People get really creative when they set their resolutions. They start going to the gym, eating better, walking more, whatever makes them reach whatever resolution they set. I applaud those that set resolutions and strive to stick with them. I however don’t play into the resolution craze.

There was a time I set New Year’s Resolutions just like pretty much everyone else. It’s just what you do right? What I found was I set resolutions just to set them because it’s just a thing people do. No one says you have to set one, but everyone does. So I would end up setting a resolution I didn’t care about and they never stuck. My resolutions were never what I really wanted to accomplish or what I wanted for myself. Did I want to be healthier? Sure, but I feel like when I set my resolutions it was because everyone else was too. Or letting myself know well it’s January 1st, so it’s now or never. As if you can only set resolutions at the beginning of the year, never any other time. I thought that was weird.


I like to do things a little different. I don’t set resolutions or anything other than monthly goals because it is a new month, not because it’s a new year. I’m not into that new year new me crap. I grow, evolve, and change over time, not on a set schedule. Instead, I set resolutions on my birthday. Crazy right? Hea me out. Setting resolutions on my birthday means I am setting them for myself, by myself, not when everyone else is. I am setting them because I want to set them. I am setting them because I want to accomplish them for myself. I have found that I tend to hold myself more accountable to reach those resolutions and stick with them. This year for example I turned 30 and did things a little different. I made a list of 30 things I want to accomplish this year. Things I’ve always wanted to do, things I know I need to do, and things that would be fun to do.

Whether you set resolutions on January 1st for the beginning of the year or on your birthday like me or any other time of the year, I hope you stick with whatever you want to accomplish or achieve. I hope you change for you. I hope you become a better person for you. Don’t feel pressured to changing or accomplishing a resolution for anyone other than yourself. Do it for you because you want to. Because you want to be better and do better. Happy New Year!


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