Flex Is The Best Thing To Happen To Periods And Every Woman Should Try It

Women of the world listen up. You have to try the Flex disc. It’s seriously the best thing to happen to periods. If you’re shy or uncomfortable talking about the natural bodily function known as periods, you should stop reading now. I will talk about my experience and spill all the deets. You’ve been warned.

The Flex company is a female-founded company dedicated to providing women with better period products. Bless them and their amazing products. The Flex disc is a disposable menstrual product that sits at the base of your cervix instead of in the vaginal canal like a menstrual cup or tampon. Unlike tampons, Flex catches menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it and can hold up to 3 super tampons worth. Flex is hypoallergenic, made with natural rubber latex, no BPA or phthalates, 12 hour wear, and helps with cramps, dryness, and irritation. Did you catch that? 12 hour wear! You can workout, sleep, swim, have sex, anything your heart desires.

A good friend of mine called me one day and said, “Girl you have to try Flex, it’s amazing!” She brought one over for me to try. Of course me being me, I was apprehensive about trying it. Do I really want to put my trust in a little cup that collects blood? There’s no way it works as good as they claim it does. I’m not about to stick my finger in my bleeding vagina to fish that thing out. It just sounds so gross and messy. Of course I had every excuse to not try it. I forgot about it and it sat on my counter for a month or so before desperation hit. You know that lovely morning when your period hits and the second you open your eyes you just know it. RIP to those panties, ugh. That’s what happened to me. With only 2 tampons and right before payday. Thankfully there on the counter staring me right in the face was the Flex disc. It was now or never.

I read the instructions, took a quick peek at their site, and inserted it. I’ll be honest, I didn’t trust it at all the first day. Could it really last for 12 hours? I kept waiting for it to fail. Roughly 8 hours in, it did. My bad. I wanted to put it through the test of how long it can last. My first period day is usually a heavier flow, so I should’ve checked and changed it sooner. I didn’t account for that. Honestly I had forgotten I was on my period. I didn’t have to run to the bathroom repeatedly to change my tampon and my cramps were barely noticeable. I get really bad cramps. The kind that make you want to stay in bed all day. Despite the leaky mishap, I tried it again. I fell in love. I could do anything and felt unstoppable. There was a little leakage when I went to the bathroom, but that’s normal. Your muscles relax a bit and it slips a little. When you stand up it goes back in place. I put Flex through every test I could think of – squats, situps, jumping jacks, jumping on the trampoline, yoga, running, sleep – it would not fail.

The first couple removals and inserts were a bit messy, but it’s super easy to get the hang of. Make sure to keep it parallel to the floor upon removal or you’ll have a mess on your hands, literally. I suggest taking the company’s suggestion of removing it in the shower the first couple times until you get the hang of it. The shower was a life saver for me. Flex helped with my cramping. I really didn’t think it could, but it does. I don’t know how, but I’m so thankful for it. It helped with irritation too. That could be because I wasn’t using tampons like I usually do. Either way, yay happy vagina. It’s super easy, comfortable, and you can’t feel it at all.

Imagine going to the grocery store with your kids and trying to change your tampon or pad. Kids looking under stalls, trying to open the door. It’s a nightmare. Now imagine the same scenario with Flex. You pee real quick and you’re on your way. Flex makes life so much easier and more convenient that time of the month. I am in love with Flex and I have no regrets. They have a new customer for life. It’s me, I’m the customer for life. Are you ready to try Flex? You can check out their site here and buy it. Your vagina will thank you.

Published by Ky

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