Halloween As A Mom Isn’t My Favorite

Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays. It’s a whole different holiday being on the mom side though. I use to enjoy horror movies, dressing up in fun or scary costumes, carving pumpkins, decorating, and the candy. Now I still enjoy those things, but some of those things are only because I have to because it wouldn’t be Halloween without them and my kids love it.

Ironically my last year trick-or-treating I was actually pregnant with my son. I went straight from trick-or-treating myself to taking my kids. For the last 14 years it’s been dressing them up, carving their pumpkins, and taking them to visit family so they can see them in costume instead of just a picture of them in costume. I love the excitement of my kids in their costumes and watching them trick-or-treat. I love watching them see their carved pumpkins lit up and their hard work paying off. I love it all, but I miss the before kids Halloween I once had.

Halloween as a mom is stressful. Scrambling to find all the pieces to put together the perfect costume. The horror of having to make pieces for a costume when you’re not the crafty mom. Having to spend hours painfully watching your kid carve a pumpkin you know they’ll give up on and you’ll have to finish. Being horror blocked by a kid that insists on watching TV with you and you know it’ll give them nightmares, so you have to turn it off. Running around getting them in costumes, taking them to see family, and taking them trick-or-treating. All the mom responsibilities of Halloween that suck.

Halloween this year at our house went like this. Decorations were thrown up a week before Halloween because our neighbor went all out and I didn’t want to look bad. Pumpkins were carved a few days before and one of them broke in the process, so we had to improvise. My daughter once again was completely grossed out, but insisted on carving a pumpkin, where after working on it for 2 hours gave up and I had to finish it. We dressed up the day before Halloween and visited family so they could see them in costume. This is when my daughter decided to have a costume change Halloween, the next day. We tricked-or-treated in our neighborhood where the kids filled their buckets in an hour. The kids handed out the rest of the candy after getting home. We went to our neighbors Halloween party where we danced, ate awesome food, laughed, and had a good time.

What’s the point in all this? I don’t enjoy Halloween as much as I use to. I hate how much has to go into it and everything that has to be done. And that’s OKAY! I don’t have to love Halloween as a mom and everything that goes into it. I miss the days of getting to trick-or-treat, being stress free, and enjoying horror movies. I miss the simplicity of Halloween. I know someday, sooner than I’d like, it’ll go back to simple and gone will be the days of taking my kids trick-or-treating and carving pumpkins. Someday I will long for the stressful Halloween days I hate right now, so for now I will complain, but embrace all the stressful Halloweens I have left.

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