Back To School Shopping Sucks

Let’s be honest here – back to school rocks, but back to school shopping sucks. I love my kids more than anything, I really do and I know I’ll miss them. But the thought of a quiet, clean house sounds like a vacation right about now. We survived 3 months of attitudes, eye rolls, and fighting. We’re so ready. We deserve this. No shame in admitting you can’t wait for those kids to go back to school. The back to school shopping though blows. I’d rather step on a thousand legos.

This year to prepare for school my husband and I took our kids to the mall to get clothes and shoes. We decided to look around at this one store for a bit before we officially started. Our few minutes to prepare before it was officially go time. Our son found a few shirts there surprisingly. Ah our first back to school purchase. Could it really be this easy this year? Nope. That was it for him. He got 2 new shirts and that was enough.

On to our next store. My husband and son split off to get shoes at another store while my daughter and I shopped. She wanted everything or nothing at all, unless it was something I liked. If I liked it she hated it. ‘Sis look, what about this shirt?’ ‘No mom.’ And so it began. I walked behind her as she looked around. We had to try on everything to make sure it fit. Shirt after shirt, leggings galore. Then it was time to get jeans. ‘I’m not getting any pants!’ Oh boy, here we go. The jean battle continues. In her defense they were all skinny jeans. WHY??!! We settled on jeggings. That means we both win right? We looked a bit more before she picked up some jammies and a skirt. Thankfully that was over with.

While we shopped my husband was trying to survive shopping with our son. Our son said he didn’t know what size he was or what he liked. God forbid he turns off his video games for 5 seconds to get clothes for himself. Teenagers, am I right? They ended up with a pair of shoes to which he also claimed he had no idea what size he was, a shirt or 2, and sweatpants. Freaking sweatpants. I loathe them and the need of teenage boys to live in them. When we met up again we headed to the shoe store. Of course they didn’t have the one pair of shoes my daughter wanted in her size, so she was in a mood. At the second shoe store we went to she was still mad about the other shoes, so she refused to even look at any shoes. We’re trying to hype up any and all shoes we could find in hopes she’d pick a pair and end the suffering of us, her parents. It was a success! Both the kids had shoes and clothes.

This year I thought I’d save ourselves some trouble and order what I could online. That was a disaster. Everything shipped separately and arrived at different times. The colored pencils, stupid 24 pack of colored pencils, ugh. They kept getting a later and later delivery date of September 19th, after school starts. It was the one thing we were waiting for. We eventually gave up and went to the store to get the rest of the school supplies. Notebooks, folders, tissues, and Lysol wipes galore. Of course they didn’t have a damn 24 pack of colored pencils. That’d be too easy. We settled on the world’s most expensive colored pencils, all because they are erasable. The freaking colored pencils arrived in our mailbox the next day. Go figure. Who would’ve thought a damn box of colored pencils would take the last bit of sanity I had left.

Maybe it’s not so bad. Maybe my kids just suck the fun out of it. My mom said I was the same way, but I remember it differently. I remember being excited for all the Lisa Frank folders and pencils. Feeling like the coolest kid around with my carefully thought out picture and sticker placement to decorate my binder. Shit got real when someone had a better pencil pouch than you. Those were the days. Things are different now though. All the folders have to be a specific color, the notebooks all go into a shared bin. No more choosing school supplies because you like them, you stick to a boring list. Don’t get me wrong, I get it. It’s easier. Point being whether it’s my kids sucking the fun out of it or no longer being able to choose your supplies, or whatever, back to school shopping sucks.

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